View Our Comprehensive Pest Control Services

View Our Comprehensive Pest Control Services

Services we offer for Residential & Commercial Customers

  • General Pest Control
  • Termite Control
  • Bed Bug Service
  • Flea and Tick Service
  • Mosquito Service
  • Rodent Control
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Wall & Void Service
  • Pre -Treatments for New Home Builders

We offer a variety of service options such as:

  • One Time Services
  • 30 Day (Monthly)
  • 60 Day (Bi-Monthly)
  • 90 Day (Quarterly)
  • Annual (Yearly)
  • Bi-Annual (6 Months)
  • *Convenient early morning and evening appointments available.


AAPC of Austin is a full-spectrum pest control company. As a matter of safety, integrated pest management is incorporated into all of our services.


You can call us at (737) 677-2847 or by email at

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Free Estimates!

Contact us today at (737) 677-2847 or for a free estimate on any of the above services.

Bed Bug Information

Our experienced professionals utilize a detailed preparation check list along with the most advanced techniques on the market for fast results ensuring less stress on you and your family.

If you suspect bed bug activity in your home or business, call our office to schedule your free inspection. 

If you sign up for our residential bed bug service for an entire home, it also includes treatment for one vehicle.


Termite Control/Builder Pre-Treatments

We are able to diagnose and control all forms of termite and wood-destroying insects including termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood-boring beetles. We provide a variety of warranty options and renewal options.


Discounts are given to volume builders.

Wall and Void Service

Using the most advanced long-lasting materials, we confront the bugs at their source. By treating behind electric plug covers, switch plates, appliances, cabinets, voids, plumbing access’, and other “hidden” areas, we eliminate the bugs’ nesting sites, resting areas, and travel paths.

This proven method will result in a long-lasting treatment that combines effectiveness with the highest degree of safety. 

Our advanced treatment methods reduce your pesticide exposure by up to 90%. Our exterior treatment creates a barrier that helps eliminate bug problems before they get inside and start nesting.

The bottom line is this—spraying the outside of your walls and baseboards does not kill the bugs on the inside of your walls and baseboards. This service includes the main structure, attic, crawl space, exterior, and yard.

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Are You Looking for Flea and Tick Control in Austin, Round Rock, or Surrounding Area?

Then you need to get in touch with us here at American Allied Pest Control of Austin! We provide elite-level flea and tick pest control services for the people of Austin, Round Rock, and surrounding areas.        Includes residential and commercial properties